Pensions Auto Enrolment Made Simple

Removing the pain for small business

What is Pensions Auto Enrolment all about?

Between 2016 and 2018 over 1,800,000 mainly small businesses and organisations will come within the Pensions Automatic Enrolment legislation. Even where there is just one employee then the obligations will normally still apply.


Non-compliance will give rise to sanctions from The Pensions Regulator, including penalties, but not enough businesses understand what will be needed and there are not going to be enough advisors to cope with the demand.


No doubt, as someone with responsibility for ensuring your small business or organisation is compliant, this sounds particularly daunting.


By coming to this website you are already a few short steps away from getting those responsibilities dealt with minimum pain on your part.


Here you can learn about:  
Staging dates
Postponement options
Worker assessments
Earnings assessments
Employee communication
Opting in
Opting out


…And find out how ALL this can all be dealt with for you.

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Auto Enrolment Dealt With For You

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